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Financial Calendar

Financial calendar 2024
2 January - 2 February Closed window
2 February Year end report, January - December 2023
21 Feburary Annual report 2023
25 March - 25 April Closed window
26 March Annual General Meeting
25 April Interim report, January - March - 2024
19 June - 19 July Closed window
19 July Half-year report, January - June - 2024
25 September - 25 October Closed window
25 October Interim report, January - September - 2024

Silent period

The Bank of Åland applies a silent period of at least 14 days prior to publication of an interim or year-end report.

Closed window

The Bank of Åland Group applies a trading restriction that means that persons in management positions and all employees of the Group may not trade in the Bank of Åland's financial instruments for 30 days up to and including the date of publication of the Bank's financial reports (closed window). The trading restriction also covers minors for whom persons in management positions or employees of the Group are guardians, as well as organisations in which persons in management positions or employees of the Group have a controlling influence.