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Green Finance Framework

By issuing Green Debt, the Bank of Åland has an opportunity to further promote long-term development of sustainability according to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Agenda 2030.

The Bank of Åland’s Green Finance Framework is based on the Green Bond Principles, which are published by the International Capital Markets Association. The net proceeds of the Green Debt issued by the Bank will be used to finance or refinance the Green Assets selected and evaluated by the Bank of Åland according to this Green Finance Framework.

The Bank of Åland has received a Second Opinion from Cicero Shades of Green AS on the Bank’s Green Finance Framework. Bank of Åland’s Green Finance Framework has received the medium green shading.

As long as there is Green Debt outstanding, the Bank commits to annually publishing a Green Debt Report on impact measures.

As of June 2023, Bank of Åland is a registered member of ICMA’s Principles.

Impact Reports