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Welcome to the Bank of Åland Plc

A big bank in Åland. A small bank in Finland and Sweden. A secure, stable bank with satisfied customers. Would you like to join them?

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The Bank of Åland and sustainability from three different perspectives

Why has the Bank of Åland chosen such a strong focus on sustainability and environmental issues? Why is it important for both its own and its customers' long-term success?

In the video we meet three different perspectives: the shareholder's, the employee's and the customers

Together we make a difference

Ålandsbanken ♡ The Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea Project improves the state of Baltic Sea by funding good ideas and inspiring people into action. At Ålandsbanken, we want to set an example to other actors around the Baltic Sea and remind people that everybody can do their share to help the situation. Supporting environmental projects has been a part of Ålandbankens activities since 1997. So far, we have contributed almost 5 million euros to environmental efforts.

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