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Welcome to the Bank of Åland Plc

A big bank in Åland. A small bank in Finland and Sweden. A secure, stable bank with satisfied customers. Would you like to join them?
Alansbanken kampanj fyr berg hav

A few words about the Bank of Åland

Roots mean stability

A bank can be established for different reasons. When the Bank of Åland was established in 1919 by forward-looking farmers and sea captains, their "can-do" spirit was strong. It still is.

Life on an island

If you have visited the Åland islands, you undoubtedly have some insights into the values that we live by. In a small community, we know each other. When we do business, it should be mutually beneficial. Rumours about foolhardiness and dishonesty spread as fast as the wind.

No bowing and scraping

We are careful with our customers´ money. We are not so fussy about titles. We trust each other. These are values that we live by, in everything we do.

In the early 1980s we opened our first office on the Finnish mainland. Those who visited us soon noticed that we were unusually informal. There was not much bowing and scraping. Instead people were invited for a nice chat over a cup of coffee.

Because this way of doing things works in our archipelago, we just assumed that it also works on the mainland.

No island is isolated

Pull out a map and look for Åland. It is indeed a small group of islands, but it is strategically located. Through the ages, Åland sailors have ventured out into the world and returned home with new ideas and impressions in their baggage. Today, too, we snap up new ideas from the world around us. An island is never isolated. It is always part of a larger whole.

Our size is our strength

Our goal is not to be the biggest. Instead, we want to be the best at personalised service that makes everyday life easier for our customers. In other words - we want to create a close relationship with everyone who has chosen the Bank of Åland.

In a small bank, good ideas do not disappear in bureaucratic processes. We intend to retain our creative joy. That is why we take one step at a time.

Are you our kind of customer?

We have noticed that our most satisfied customers have something in common. They appreciate quality, they want to be taken seriously and they expect their money to be handled in the best way.

Does this description fit you? If so, do come and visit us. You are always welcome.

Best archipelago wishes

Peter Wiklöf
Managing Director