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Environmental responsibility

We endeavour to raise awareness and continuously reduce our carbon dioxide emissions through:

    • sustainable consumption and production, both internally and externally

    • sustainable energy use

    • sustainability in travel and internal communication

    • expanded responsibility for the supply chain

    • continuous reporting.

    Through the Baltic Sea Project, the Baltic Sea Card and Åland Index Solutions, we continue to spread environmental awareness to our customers and our partners.

    By distributing funds annually to environmental projects for the Baltic Sea, we actively contribute to compensating for our resource consumption and environmental impact. We pay an environmental bonus of up to 0.2% on the total funds deposited in the Bank's Baltic Sea Accounts.

    We behave in accordance with our environmental targets and work actively to achieve them, also including increased awareness of our water consumption.

    Together with our customers, suppliers, business partners and employees, we carry out a continuous dialogue about sustainability and environmental responsibility.

    We participate actively in social and other media to share our environmental responsibility and help raise awareness among other stakeholders.

      Environmental objectives:

      • Carbon dioxide emissions from electricity consumption shall remain at the same level as in 2021.

      • Reduce CO2 emissions from paper consumption by 10 per cent compared to 2021.

      • Reduce carbon emissions from travel by 50 per cent compared to 2019.