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Our compensation portfolio

We have developed a compensation portfolio that offsets emissions from our own operations, in collaboration with the Finnish non-profit Compensate, which offers companies and individuals easy access to high-quality greenhouse gas emission compensation.

Compensate’s model, with its dynamic compensation portfolio, ensures the best climate impact and reduces the risks that may affect individual projects. To ensure both climate integrity and actual impact, Compensate has a high standard of sustainability based on three pillars:

      • Close collaboration with the research community.

      • A highly selective compensation portfolio.

      • Built-in overcompensation to guarantee an actual reduction of at least one tonne of CO2 for each tonne of CO2e compensation.

      The contributions of the compensation portfolio:

      • 80 per cent of the portfolio consists of projects that reduce and store greenhouse gases.

      • 20 per cent of the portfolio consists of innovation projects, for example new technology for carbon capture and storage.

      • The portfolio contains a built-in overcompensation to guarantee a genuine reduction in carbon dioxide.

      • The portfolio makes a strong contribution to maintaining biological diversity and reducing socio-economic vulnerability.

      • The portfolio contributes to all of the UN’s 17 goals for sustainable development.