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  • By saving in a Baltic Sea Account, our customers join with us to contribute to a healthier Baltic Sea. Every year, we donate an amount equivalent to as much as 0.2 per cent of deposits in Baltic Sea Accounts to conservation and environmental projects around the Baltic Sea via the Baltic Sea Project. Funding is awarded in five different categories – digital innovations, concrete kilograms, engaging projects, local water protection projects as well as children’s and youth projects.
  • Our Baltic Sea Cards were the world's first debit/credit cards linked to a system for calculating environmental impact, the Åland Index. With the help of this index, our customers have an opportunity to monitor how their card purchases impact the environment in terms of the quantity of carbon dioxide emissions and water consumption.
  • We are helping to increase the role of renewable energy in the Nordic region through our Wind Power Fund.
  • By supporting Bä we contribute a long-term approach, local roots and vitality to community-wide development and sustainability work in the Åland Islands.
  • We are deeply involved in the Åland community and contribute to it mainly by supporting culture, sports and studies. By doing so, we help to create meaningful leisure activities and a future for children and young people.
  • We were among the founders of the globally renowned Stockholm Water Prize, which is awarded by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI). We are continuing to contribute to the annual prizes.
  • We are one of the founding members of Finland's Sustainable Investment Forum (FINSIF) and we belong to Sweden's Sustainable Investment Forum (SWESIF), in order to provide information, stimulate community discussion and influence long-term attitudes about responsible investments in Finland and Sweden.