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Notifications of transactions in Bank of Åland financial instruments by Executive Team members and closely associated persons

In compliance with Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 – the market abuse regulation (MAR) – the Bank of Åland’s Executive Team (“persons discharging managerial responsibility”) and persons closely associated with them are required to provide notification of their transactions in Bank of Åland financial instruments starting on July 3, 2016.

The notification must be made to the Bank of Åland and to the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) within three (3) working days of the transaction date. The Bank recommends that notification be made within two (2) working days of the transaction date, to enable the Bank to publish a stock exchange release within 3 working days.

1. Instructions on how to carry out the notification

To make a notification, you must fill in the Financial Supervisory Authority’s form. This form is available here.

Basic information you will need to fill in the notification form correctly:

Bank of Åland’s Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) number 7437006WYM821IJ3MN73
Trading codes for Bank of Åland shares ALBAV (Series A shares) ALBBV (Series B shares)
International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) codes för Bank of Åland shares (Series A shares): FI0009000103 (Series B shares): FI0009001127
Notification reference number Generated automatically and does not have to be entered by you

For information regarding other instruments, please contact your securities broker.

You must send the form by secure e-mail to the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA). Go to, log in and send the form to

You must also send the form to the Bank of Åland. The address is

Please also include your telephone number in case the Bank of Åland needs to reach you regarding your notification.

The Bank of Åland will issue a stock exchange release about all notifications that are submitted, without any limitation on amounts.

Please note that it is your personal responsibility to provide all information correctly to the Bank of Åland and to notify the FSA. The Bank of Åland will not forward your notification to the FSA.

2. Examples of financial instruments that are included in the notification requirement:

- Listed shares in the Bank of Åland

- Debt instruments issued by the Bank of Åland, such as bonds and convertible debentures, money market instruments (such as certificates of deposit and commercial paper) as well as fixed income certificates.

- Derivatives connected to the Bank of Åland’s equity and debt instruments, for example options, forward contracts, futures, swaps, warrants and credit risk derivatives.

- Other financial instruments connected to Bank of Åland shares and debt instruments, such as units of mutual funds and alternative investment funds (UCITS/AIF), units in index funds, depository receipts, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and bond funds if the Bank of Åland’s financial instruments – as underlying instruments – comprise at least 20 per cent of the product.

Please note that the notification requirement also includes transactions carried out by a third party on your behalf (asset management) or transactions within so-called insurance shells when the Bank of Åland’s financial instruments are part of an endowment insurance contract. Also note that loans and pledges of collateral as well as changes in collateral must be reported.

If you have questions or if the notification does not work, please contact the Bank at